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  • Proflightspace are becoming UK’s leading supplier of aerial photographs, and Videos

    Proflightspace are becoming UK’s leading supplier of aerial photographs, and Videos. Processing, and delivery of high quality digital aerial imagery, we are unique in offering high resolution imagery, and videos with complete national coverage of Great Britain.
    RUSTA trained UK biggest net-work for licensed Pilots
    Aerial imagery is now established as an invaluable resource for local authorities, developers, and asset management agencies. We can provide a richer view of the World when combined with traditional vertical aerial photography.

    4K 12M Photos St Oliver's Mount Scarborough

    Combining the latest Unmanned Aerial System and digital photography technology, Proflightspace Aerial Photography inspire 1 can produce unique aerial imagery from up to 400ft in the air without you having to leave the comfort and safety of the ground. If you have never heard of this type of photography before, you will be amazed at the vantage points and perspectives that Drones can achieve.

    All our drone platforms provide a live video feed to a screen on the ground so the composition of the aerial photographs can be changed on the fly.

    4K 12M Photos Carovan site

    Proflightspace use professional 4K 12 mega-pixel digital cameras for taking our aerial photographs, ensuring the images have the quality and resolution for any application – be it a website or a large advertising billboard.

    Proflightspace only use CAA-licensed operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or “Drones”. for Aerial Work” – a legal requirement for undertaking commercial aerial photography in the UK

    4K 12M Photos The-Angel-of-the-North

  • Proflightspace are now promoting the TOP video

    Proflightspace are now promoting the TOP video of the month the winning video will be viewed top ranking video of September 2015 on the top of our home page. The rules are the member who receives the most positive comments on their video will win the right to have their video placed on top of our web-site www.proflightspace.co.uk Start a Discussion now uploading your videos
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    DJI inspire 1aerial video Road trip June 2015, The Angel of the North, High Force waterfalls, Northumberlandia is a huge land sculpture.
    August winning video by S Benson
  • Proflightspace can now release our aims for 2015

    Proflightspace can now release our aims for 2015: we are currently forming the UK biggest net-work for licensed commercial, and domestic pilots. This will enable our striking power across the UK to win the bulk of contracts to satisfy our clients, and pilots. Our marketing strategy was launched to-day August 6th 2015 to win contracts from new clients our promise is to provide a 247 professional quality service by using licensed pilots, and the latest technology available to-day.4K All our pilots are RUSTA trained this will ensure you get the best service to keep you, the client, and your customers safe. RUSTA is a CAA approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) for Small Unmanned Air Systems For more information please email you details admin@proflightspace.co.uk